Frequently Asked Questions

SOON!! So far, we produced this amazing Mindful Martial Arts Series specifically to give kids tools to deal with the changes life throws their way. KFM is working on producing our Core Curriculum:

Compassionate Leaders – A positive and cooperative approach to handle bullying behavior. Students will practice self-confidence learning to stand up for themselves and peers in constructive and effective ways.

Street Safety – A public safety and public awareness series. We teach kids the street smarts they need to stay safe in today’s world.

Wing Chun Fitness – Each week, we use Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques to explore different life skills like discipline, coordination and teamwork!

Shaolin Fitness – Here we use different Shaolin Kung Fu animal forms and a lot of fun, imagination play to explore life skills like control, leadership and balance!

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Mindful Martial Arts is specifically geared toward children age 3 – 9. Although, families have participated with children as young as 2.5, older siblings, parents and grandparents too!
No. We welcome all curious minds and open hearts to learn self-care techniques great for any age and any level!

You will learn amazing Kung Fu & Mindfulness techniques:

  1. Fitness Warm Ups & Stretches.
  2. Kung Fu Kicks, Strikes & Combos.
  3. Different Meditations & Breathing Practices.
  4. Become aware and in control of BIG emotions.
  5. Progressively learn Kung Fu Moves “Little Tiger Form”.
  6. Play exciting and cartoon-rich games!

No. Mindful Martial Arts is not religious. It’s about redirecting energy, both physical and emotional. We teach kids that negative energy, inside or outside, can be transformed into something positive, creative and/or constructive.

Similar mindful practices and techniques are implemented in various religions as well psychotherapy. KFM uses mindfulness specifically for social and emotional learning.

Any child, age 3 – 9, and ANYONE who wants to practice Mindful Martial Arts with them! You could be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, teacher, therapist, councilor, etc.
The KFM Online Portal works on the industry leading LearnDash online platform, running on most computers, tablets and smart phones. Internet access is required.
Once you have signed up for the Mindful Martial Arts Series, you will be invited to create a profile in our members-only KFM Online Portal. Once you’re profile is up, a lesson video will be unlocked and shared with you each week for 10 weeks. As you progress, you will have access to all previous videos for reference and weekly practice.
We encourage family or teacher participation. Not only can you help guide your little one through the exercises, but you will learn some awesome Kung Fu and Mindfulness Techniques yourself! That said, our interactive and engaging lesson videos are designed to allow children to practice on their own.

Martial Arts is about protecting and defending, NOT attacking. In the videos, we only strike and kick the air with our imaginary kick pad!

Repeatedly remind your little one(s) that martial arts is NEVER to hit or kick ANYONE just because you ‘want to’ or you’re upset. A Mindful Leader only uses Kung Fu Moves with the Kung Fu teachers in class. Exceptions for using Kung Fu outside of class are in emergency situations when we need physical protection from someone who is hurting our bodies. Even then we encourage the use of deflecting and redirecting over striking unless the situation is dire.

Please contact us if any problem arises and we will be happy to get on a call and work out any behavioral concerns.

Submit any Lesson questions through our “Kung Fu Huddle – Questions Page”. We will either get back to you with a simple response in 2 business days. You can also send a message to

Once we start Kung Fu Huddles, for any question needing more explaining or visual aid, we can address those during the monthly Zoom meeting.

Please reach out to and we will get back to within 2 business days.

If you enjoyed the trailer and DEMO, chances are you will REALLY enjoy the 10-Week Series. We are so confident you’ll love the program, that we’ve implemented a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee upon signing up! That’s right. In the very unlikely event you are not happy with the program, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. There is NO RISK to signing up! So what are you waiting for?